CFNN Reporter Nick Perry 

On Wednesday, October 20th the Cape Fear Women’s volleyball team defeated the Grays Creek Bears for the Conference Championship. They won in three straight sets by a score of 25-13, 25-22, and 25-15 with the crucial help of Junior Right Side, Laney Talley. Laney has helped the Colts in many wins this year but none were as important as this one.

Talley’s performance has earned her the title of CFNN Athlete of the Week.

 Talley has a huge role in contributing to this team’s success by averaging 1.2 kills per set and 27 blocks all year. Laney made an incredible effort in the 3rd set of the conference championship and lit a fire in her team and the crowd with great plays on almost every point.

“I’m so happy for the whole team in general, we are playing the best we have all season at the right time, from winning the conference championship to going to the 3rd round of the state playoffs is something that everyone should be proud of,” said Talley.

Laney has been on the varsity volleyball team for 2 years and has great determination on and off the court while being a part of the Beta Club and a fellow christian athlete. Laney’s determination and ability to light up a team even when down is something that her teammates respect and admire deeply about her.

“Laney has always been the girl who brings people up when they are down and keeps everyone’s spirits up during the game no matter what the score is. I’ve seen a lot of improvement with her hitting right side this year and I can’t wait to see how far we go in this year’s playoffs,” described teammate Larkin Baxley. 

Talley also takes pride in her academics. She has taken several honors courses over her high school career and excelled in all of them. Laney is an A student who has always strived to be the best she can in making good grades, and is just as much of a leader in the classroom as she is on the court. She helps her classmates and is always wanting what is best for them.

From teachers, teammates and classmates makes Laney a very popular figure in the hallways here at Cape Fear. The way she represents herself and her kindness to others does not go unseen and it is very rare to find anyone who is more deserving of CFNN Athlete of the Week! “Laney always goes the extra mile in class and is a pleasure to have in class,” Quoted Coach Joe Grates.

Although the Colts were red hot coming into the state playoffs by just beating South View and their biggest rival Grays Creek twice in the same week, they did not slow down as they beat Southern Wayne and West Johnston both 3-0. Hopes are still very high for the Colts as they soar into the third round as they look to take on Croatan at home on Thursday, October 27th.