CFNN reporters Sanaa House and Gretchyn Murphy  

Saturday night, the Marching Colts went to the field at Union Pines high school at The Viking Classic. They competed against 16 bands, being in class 4A. Working in order to bring home trophies and show the support and love to Cape Fear High School. 

The mornings of working hard and practicing like no other causes the Colts band to prepare. They showcase a fantastic night of music and makes the students dive deep to learn more about themselves. 

The Marching Colts won 1st place in the following categories; marching, general effect, percussion,  and color guard, being 2nd place in Class 4A. The overall score for the Colts was 92, the overall rating for the Marching Colts was superior. Hearing back feedback helps the Colts grow more as a band and as a unit. 

“Sometimes it brightens us up and because we realize things we didn’t do until the judges point it out, and when we hear negative feedback i’m just like, ok we can work on it, just do it at the next competition and do better.” said Mellophone player, Hannah Chavis 

Starting back in June and July and the start of school these Marching machines have grown. They built up in order for everyone to become more like a family and team, no matter what most of the band have been through they bonded and came as one. 

“Definitely the beginning it’s been overall, just a work in progress, it started off slow, it was stressful and people were stressed, but I think as we moved forward we definitely improved a lot so the improvement brought better attitudes to the band.” said Drum Major, Hannah Yergeau. 

Coming to a near end of the Football and Marching season, The Marching Colts have brought home smiling faces and bright trophies. They have shown that their hard work paid off slowly but surely. Having their last game this Friday, being senior night. They will take the field for their final performance of the season this Saturday on October 30th. The Marching Colts are ready to end the season with a bang.