CFNN Reporter Kaydin Brown

Do you want to learn how to play classical music on an instrument? Our teacher of the week, Mr. White can help. Mr. White is the orchestra teacher here at Cape Fear High and he’s loved by all. He truly cares about his students and loves to watch them succeed!

Mr. White is known throughout Cape Fear High as a positive and friendly face. He found his love for teaching at a very young age. Mr. White explained what led him to this career path.

“When I was in 10th grade I just decided, I think that’s what I want to do. I’ve just kind of wanted to be a teacher ever since,” he said. 

Mr. White is a great teacher. He’s very talented with all things music and passes that on to his students.

“Mr. White is a really patient teacher and makes sure everybody understands how to play. If we don’t he takes his time to make sure that we do. I love having him as my orchestra teacher.” said student, Leah Fair. 

After high school, Mr. White furthered his education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where he received a degree in music education. 

Mr. White has been teaching for 29 years. Throughout his time teaching he’s not been here at Cape Fear High the whole time. He has taught at multiple schools here in Cumberland County and outside of Cumberland County. Currently Mr. White is not only teaching here at Cape Fear High, but also at Stedman Elementary and Beaver Dam Elementary. 

Throughout Mr. White’s career he has taught nothing but Orchestra. During Mr. White’s early years he did in fact have a guitar class. “It was kind of fun. It was in another county, not here in Cumberland,” said White.

Mr. White’s favorite part of teaching is the students. “I really like getting to have the same students year after year. It’s fun to get to know students over several years and also to see them progress from 9th grade all the way to 12th grade,” he said.

Mr. White is married with three children, one is 21, one is 18, and the other is 13. 

Mr. White loves so many things about Cape Fear High. “I like the people, the students, the teachers I work with, and the general community. I just enjoy all the people I get the chance to interact with here as a teacher at Cape Fear High,” he said. 

It’s easy to see why Mr. White is so loved and admired here at Cape Fear High. He truly loves his students and wants them to succeed.

Congratulations to this week’s teacher of the week, Mr. White, you deserve it!