CFNN Reporter May Webb

Donate your blood today! Your donation could save many lives across the county. The Blood Donor Center must collect 40 pints of blood each day to support the patients within the Cape Fear Valley. There is always a need for more blood, whether it be because of an accident, a blood disease, surgeries, etc. High school students donate significant amounts of blood each year, which makes a lifesaving difference for thousands of people. Donating is a safe and simple process.

When asked what the benefits are of giving blood, Mrs. Allen said the following. 

“Saving lives. That’s the main thing, you’re going to be saving lives with the blood that you donate. It helps the community, it might help one of your family members one day, you never know.”

If you need more motivation, there will be free refreshments. A few people have gotten free Buffalo Wild Wings! 

“They serve sodas and snacks. Sometimes you can get coupons for restaurants.” said Isa Morales, a regular blood donor. 

While filling out the sign up sheets you can choose to donate during school hours. 

You must be at least 16 years old, weigh over 110 pounds, and have a guardian’s consent in order to donate. If you are interested, contact Mrs. Allen for a signup sheet. For more information, call the Cape Fear Valley Blood Donor Center at 910-615-LIFE or visit Help save lives today!