CFNN Reporter Lana Fair

The FCA, or Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is an international nonprofit organization that provides a platform for athletes and coaches to be able to come together and learn more about God’s word.

Any student is welcome. You don’t have to be an athlete to be in FCA. FCA helps students gain a better understanding of themselves and God. They meet mornings at 8 o’clock and the day that they meet varies. The meetings have been held in Coach Britts room.

“FCA is a great way to start the morning and to get more knowledge of Jesus Christ outside of church,” Laney, a member of FCA, commented, “I love the group of people we have in this group and we would love it even more if more people decided to join.” 

Right now they’ve been holding huddles, which are quick morning meetings where they talk about bible passages and how their lives as student athletes relate and how they can better incorporate faith into their athletic careers and their daily lives. 

In a typical meeting, they begin with a devotional. A devotional is a study that students are given a bit ahead of time. It gives students an opportunity to pick up concepts that they’ve been discussing that week. Then they come in and talk about those reflections and how they can apply those things to life and what they mean to them.

“The goal is to eventually get coaches to implement these to their team, so each team has their own huddle, and be able to have the devotion for a day,” Coach Britt explained.

FCA is attempting to start the Huddle program at several Cumberland County schools to try to get FCA in more schools. Jack Britt, Grays Creek, and Pine Forest all have a school huddle. They want to get more schools to do it so that people can connect with each other and host bigger events. 

The FCA is an organization that’s welcome to anyone. It’s a great way for people to find other people who want to learn more and talk about the word of God. Although the program started for athletes, all students looking to explore their faith are welcome. Join FCA today!