CFNN Reporter: Jackson Edwards

The JV Colts Football team ended their season on October 27. They lost a tough game against one of the best in the conference, Gray’s Creek. The final score was 28-54 as the Colts were unable to contain Gray’s Creek’s star running back. 

That loss aside, the JV Colts had one of the best seasons in Coach Johnson’s 18 years of coaching. The Colts were able to win 7 games and lost only 3. 

The Colts season began with a loss to Southview. It was a rough first game for the Colts with the final score being 6-28. The Southview Tigers defense had the Colts offense lost in the Jungle.

After the tough loss, the Colts knew they needed to bounce back to show people that they were the real deal. They followed this loss with a big win against their rival, Terry Sanford. The final score was 18-0. 

Next, the Colts traveled to Pine Forest. The game started out horribly for the Colts. So horrible that they were down 21-0 at half! After half time the Trojans were able to score again, making the score 26-0, but that did not stop the Colts. The Colts came back to win this game thanks to a big game by King Faison and both sides of the ball being able to play a better second half. 

After the big win away, the Colts played at home against the Lumberton Pirates. This was a huge game for the Colts. They were able to get the blowout win 36-0. 

Then they traveled to Purnell Swett and got the win, 8-0. This was probably one of the most physical contests the Colts faced over the course of the season. Both sides of the ball faced physical opposition. It was a true old-fashioned slugfest. The only touchdown either team could manage was a touchdown pass from Geronimo Sanchez. 

The following week, the Colts took on the Seventy-First Falcons. They worked hard for weeks to prepare for this next game because the Falcons were the best team in the conference. The Colts were not as ready as they thought, losing 0-22. The Colts defense played a good game and had good hustle, but the offense was just not able to get anything going. 

The Colts had to bounce back for this next game. They played Douglas Byrd at home. This was another blowout win for the Colts, who won 36-6. 

The next game was huge for the Colts. They traveled to Jack Britt and got the win 8-0. The Colts defense played an amazing game. This was another extremely physical game and quite possibly just as physical as the game against Purnell Swett. The Colts were able to win with the only touchdown coming on a rush by King Faison. 

The next game was a revenge game for the Colts. The boys were motivated and ready to take on Southview once again. However, things didn’t start the way the Colts wanted. The Colts were down 18-0 in the third quarter. Then, miraculously, the stadium lights went out, leaving the field in pitch darkness! It was as if a switch had been thrown for the Colts, who turned on the lights for both the offense and defense. They rallied back and got the win. One thing about the Colts this season is that they seemed to always find a way to keep fighting and give themselves a chance to win. 

“It was a successful season. I was pleased for the first time in several years that we were able to play team games,” said Head Coach Derrick Johnson. “There were several new faces, whether freshman, or guys who have never played before. It gives us good momentum for JV and Varsity with both teams going 7-3.”  

One of the most important players this season, Arrington Kee, stated, “It was a fun experience and a crazy first time playing football.” 

The Colts may not have ended the season undefeated but they had a great season regardless. The players and coaches should hold their heads high and be proud of the season and work they put in.