CFNN Reporter Sanaa House 

The Marching Colts have come back with a bang! On November 5th, Cape Fear High School’s Band and ROTC group marched into Downtown Fayetteville to show respect to our veterans and families. 

The Marching Colts practice for these parades after school. Most of this time is spent marching around a parking lot to get a feel for the rhythm, and time left is spent working on music. 

“In parade practices, it’s much more relaxed and you’re more marching in a circle and trying to memorize the music, but in marching band you’re doing drill and marching the actual show and it’s harsher,” said Savanna Godwin. 

A Marching band show could be very difficult based on what exactly the show is about. For most it is seen as simple on the field to crowds,  but learning the basics isn’t always as easy as parades.   

“Everybody really seems to be very appreciative of what we’re doing and of what the other bands and other groups present are doing, and it’s just a really cool atmosphere overall,” said Mason Autry.

For a marching student seeing happy faces and smiles from all of Fayetteville causes confidence to rise  for all of the Cape Fear band. Going from being on a field to not see the faces of support to seeing them lined up beside the street.  

“I spotted togetherness between drumline and the band, keeping it going even though you have to play something over and over again” said Devin Windham

The parade was a huge success, and many proud spectators got to see the great appreciation Cape Fear band has towards all Veterans, and thank them for their hard work and dedication to America. 

Though the Marching Band season is over, Parade season is here! Make sure you come out to see the Fayetteville Christmas Parade where the Marching Colts bring you some Christmas spirit!