CFNN Reporter Kaydin Brown 

Do you feel like you’re bad at math and don’t know where to begin? Our teacher of the week, Mrs. Kinlaw can help. Mrs. Kinlaw is one of our math teachers here at Cape Fear High. She is very loved and has a passion for helping her students succeed!

Mrs. Kinlaw is known throughout Cape Fear High as a friendly and positive teacher. She never found her love for teaching, it found her. She explained how she knew teaching was for her.

“I didn’t! I started tutoring in college, I first tutored adult learners, then tutored high school students. I was offered a teaching job right before I graduated and decided to see if I like it, and I fell in love with teaching,” she said.

In the classroom you can truly see her love and passion for teaching. Mrs. Kinlaw is a math genius and she’s helping her students become one too.

After high school, Mrs. Kinlaw furthered her education at Fayetteville State University, where she received her Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. She then went on to receive her Masters in Secondary Math Education at Grand Canyon University.

This is Mrs. Kinlaw’s 6th year teaching. She’s not only taught here at Cape Fear High but also at Lumberton Senior High School. In Mrs.Kinlaw’s 6 years of teaching she has taught Math 3 Honors, Math 3 Standard, Math 2 Honors, Math 2 Standard, Math 1 Standard, and Math 1 Honors.

Mrs. Kinlaw’s favorite part of teaching is the students. “Y’all make it worth it at the end of the day,” she said. You can see Mrs. Kinlaw’s love for the students through her teaching. She makes learning fun through different activities and helps her students in any way she can.

Mrs. Kinlaw is married to her husband, Justin Cain. Together they have a dog named Jax. Mrs. Kinlaw enjoys baking and reading. In her spare time she and her husband like to travel to the mountains. 

Mrs. Kinlaw loves so many things about Cape Fear High. One of many being, “the community, we all have each other’s backs,” she said. 

During the holiday break starting on December 20th, Mrs. Kinlaw plans to relax and hopefully head to the mountains.

I am currently a student of Mrs. Kinlaw for Math 3 Honors. She is one of my favorite teachers. She is a fantastic math teacher who really knows her stuff and who truly cares about her students. She takes the time to get to know each and every one of her students, making them excited to go to her class, to have fun and learn. I will truly miss having Mrs. Kinlaw’s class when this semester ends.

It’s easy to see why Mrs. Kinlaw is so loved and admired here at Cape Fear High. She loves her students and has a genuine passion for math. 

Congratulations to our last teacher of the week for the 2022 fall semester, Mrs. Kinlaw, you deserve it!