CFNN Reporter Grace Edwards

The first semester is coming to a close which means it is time to roll into your new classes! If you haven’t considered going back to add Journalism to your class schedule you should. In this class you get to express yourself and your school through writing. The topics to touch on are endless and this class is always looking for substantial writers or those who aspire to become one. 

If writing is a love that you have, this class would be the perfect choice for you! It exists for people to research a topic and write in their own way. Each and every person can bring their own ideas to the table. What’s even better is that Journalism is a zero stress environment, and it is a way to do what you like while having fun. 

There are plenty of roles that you can place yourself in. Write an article about the sporting events, all the clubs that we have, be a part of a news show, be an editor, or write about anything new that is going on here at Cape Fear High. Be a part of the show, “Colts on the Clock”, where there is a weekly review on the sporting events that went on. There’s “The Haven and Dan Show” where they touch on the weather, get feedback from viewers, and so much more. You can come up with your own show and film it as you please. The role of editor is huge. You’ll have people send you their articles and you revise them. You can also have the role of taking photos and getting interviews from people to strengthen your article. Just being a writer is an important role because you are contributing to the Cape Fear News Crew with your updates. Here in the Journalism class everyone has a place.

The teacher who makes this class happen is none other than Coach Grates. He also teaches English, AP Literature, and AP Language. He fits the job perfectly and will help you improve your writing to become a great journalist. 

This class can always use more writers with their creativity. Apply your fantastic writing skills and learn more on how to strengthen it as well. Go and add Journalism to your schedule, and be a part of the news crew today!