CFNN Reporter Larkin Baxley

Are you a boy interested in playing volleyball? Well Cape Fear High School is going to be having a Men’s Volleyball team this spring season!

The team will be coached by Mr. Churchill. There has already been a very successful interest meeting for the team last month.

“I’m trying to get tryouts to happen mid February,” says Churchill.

Men’s volleyball is a great opportunity to come together and play a fun sport. This will be the first year for the program so we hope there will be a huge success with this so it can continue for years to come.

Other schools across North Carolina and Cumberland County have also introduced the program this year. There has been word that Grays Creek, Union Pines, Pinecrest, and other schools will have a program this year.

When the interest meeting was held last month, there was a large turn out of 32 men, which is very promising.

The team will come together and get started on open gyms and other gatherings after winter break when they can get the volleyball equipment.

If you are a man interested in volleyball, this is a great opportunity. Make sure to tune in to all of the information posted about men’s volleyball and attend tryouts or workouts!