CFNN Columnist Sophia Bullard

This will be the last article I write for this class for this year. I decided to write a review for Cape Fear High School, from the perspective of a freshman. Now, my dad is a teacher here and I’ve known a few people here, so my opinions might not be the same as everyone else. 

First, my classes; they were all very enjoyable. The teachers were all amazing, and I couldn’t have asked for better. They taught the materials in a way that no matter how the students learn, they could understand it. It was reasonably easy, and I’m not worried about exams because of how and what they taught me.

Second, the staff and students; I can stay content with the fact of knowing that if I have a problem, I can report it and it will be handled. The kids here are overall well-behaved and the staff is fair. I feel safe here with the security and rules that have been set in place. 

Third, the environment; it’s a very positive and welcoming environment. If a child starts to doubt themself, they will be shown the positivity needed to help whatever it is they’re insecure about. I like this about Cape Fear, they always want the best for us and do what needs to be done to give us exactly that.

Obviously, everything can find some way to improve. I don’t want or like criticizing the place I go to learn. However, I do think it’s important.

One of the things that confuses me is the start and end times. We start school at 8:30 and get out at 3:40. A lot of kids have jobs, sports, and homework which keeps them up pretty late. Now, I know we can’t adjust the school schedule simply because of inconvenience. But I’ve seen what it’s like to have to rush just to make it to your job in time. My dad teaches Driver’s Education on the side, and he has to be at Gray’s Creek High at or before 4:00. By the time he gets out the door he only has about ten minutes to make it.

The second concern is the fact that our school isn’t as modern as others. We still have chalkboards, and they don’t even work! This definitely isn’t a huge problem, but it gets aggravating to some of the teachers who have less updated materials in their classrooms. My gym teacher had us in the hut yesterday and was excited because he was finally getting whiteboards to replace the old chalkboards. This isn’t the only thing that needs updating, it’s just an example. The AC and heaters also need to have some work done to them, it’s always either freezing or burning up in every classroom.

Overall, this is an amazing school. Academically, sports-wise, and with the people. I really love coming here every day. There’s so much freedom and positivity, it’s hard not to enjoy it.