CFNN Reporter Aubrey Autry

With the upcoming regionals competition coming up in March, the Science Olympiad team is preparing for the competition. Many members of the team are in Mrs. Robinson’s fourth period class and are able to work on their prototypes for their events. The team is very excited for this season after their second place at regionals last year. 

“This is the first year since Covid we will be competing on-site at Fayetteville Tech, which is really exciting,” said Mrs. Robinson. 

Jack Donetelle and Kai Millroy are working on a plane for one of their categories. Their goal is to have the plane in the air for the longest, aiming for twenty minutes. They are working on their first build of the F1D model of the plane. This is both Jack and Kai’s first season competing, however; being in the Science Olympiad class and having a few more months outside of class to finish preparing for their event they feel very confident.

Jaren Kolasa competed last year with a catapult, the team is using the model from last year as a base for this year’s competition. 

“We only messed up in a few places, so we know what we need to fix for this season,” said Jaren. 

Jaren feels very confident about this year’s competition since they have a head start on building the prototype model. Since many of the team members are in Mrs.Robinson’s fourth period they have had this past semester to prepare for the upcoming competition. 

“This class has really helped me have a better understanding of science and my events, so I feel a lot more confident than I did last year,” said Alexis Martin, a Science Olympiad member.  

Not only does the class allow a more in depth understanding of the events at the competition, but also gives more time to prepare and finalize everything.

“I feel very confident for my first competition since I am in a group with many returners and the class has allowed me to have longer to prepare,” said Bryan Charles, a Science Olympiad team member. 

Overall the team feels that they will do very well this season and many think they could even make nationals.