CFNN Reporter Brian Howington

The FCA, or Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is an interdenominational non-profit organization focused on impacting the world by connecting high school coaches and athletes with the word of God. 

This being said, anyone can join; the program is not athlete exclusive. The meetings are held at 8 O’clock in Ms.Bullard’s art class and are led by Coach Britt. The day of the meeting varies depending on the athlete’s schedule. FCA hopes to aid students form a better understanding of themselves and their relationship with Christ. 

“To me, FCA is really helpful in my personal walk with God and it’s super amazing to have a community to surround yourself with that has similar goals and values,” FCA member Brianna Keen mentioned. “Especially in high school, it can be rough to find your group or a good club, but FCA is very welcoming and it’s just a great way to start my morning.”

The “Huddles” as they call it, are short morning meetings that they use to talk about bible passages, how they relate to them, and how they can use their athletic careers to spread the word, and incorporate it into their daily lives. 

The meetings begin with a devotional, which is usually given by one of the student athletes. A devotional is a short study on a topic that can be applied to daily life. The group then reflects how this message is relatable to their daily lives, and is meaningful to them as athletes. 

FCA would like to start several more programs in other schools around Cumberland County. They have already reached Gray’s Creek, Jack Britt, and Terry Sanford. The more schools involved, and more money raised, the larger events they can hold all around the county. 

The FCA is a great way for athletes to surround themselves with others who want to learn about and share the word of God. The organization is open to and welcomes anyone, all students looking to dive into faith are welcome!