Colts Stun the Rams, Make Push for Conference Champs 

On January 24th Cape Fear played Purnell Swett in a pivotal United 8 Conference matchup. A win would tie the Colts for tops in the conference. The Lady Colts were up for the challenge, making quick work of the Rams, beating them by 45 points. Cape Fear gave Purnell Swett their second conference loss this season and their first loss in over 22 games. 

Cape Fear started strong and prepared, scoring 30 points in the first quarter. Purnell scored only 8 points during this quarter, giving the Colts a major lead.

The Colts spent no time slowing down while they continued to drop 17 more points during the second quarter while holding the Rams to 7 points. The first half ended with a score of 47-15 leaving Cape Fear feeling confident.

At the start of the 3rd quarter, Cape Fear stayed driven and fought hard the rest of the game. Cape Fear scored 13 points while Purnell came back stronger scoring 14 points, out-scoring the Colts for this quarter. 

Finishing the game out really strong, the Lady Colts assured their victory by dropping 19 points in the final quarter. The Rams strength wavered and they scored only 5 points during this quarter. The final score was 79-34, with a Cape Fear win. 

Cape Fear made monumental progress in their fight for Conference Champions by giving Purnell Swett their 2nd Conference loss of the Season. This was the 9th straight win for the Lady Colts continuing their insane streak. 

Lady Colts Dominate the Falcons 

Last Friday Night, the Lady Colts took on the Falcons of Seventy First High School. The Colts once again put their winning streak on the line and remain atop the United 8 Conference. They made short work of the Falcons, winning by 50 points. 

The Colts started hot, scoring 27 points in the first quarter. They were tough defensively as well and didn’t give the Falcons any room to score, holding them to just 4 points.

During the second quarter, Cape Fear stayed strong and scored 17 points, finishing the half up 44-10. The Colts headed to the locker room at halftime feeling confident about the rest of the game. 

The Colts came out strong again in the third, posting another 15 points to add to their lead. The defense stayed on point, holding the Falcons to just 5 points. This extended the Colt lead to 59-15 going into the 4th quarter. There was no sign of the Falcons catching up; the Colts breezed through the rest of the game.

Entering the 4th quarter, the Cape Fear victory was almost assured, but the Colts kept driving though, scoring another 12 points. The Colts held the Falcons to only 6 points in the final frame. 

Players Jayda Angel and Samara Britt were huge scorers for the Colts. Angel scored more points than the entirety of the Falcons team with 32 total points. Britt contributed a huge amount as well with 17 points. Both players are huge contributors to the Colts winning streak. 

The Lady Colts scored double or more points than the Falcons each quarter. The final for this game was 71-21. This was the 10th straight win for the Lady Colts, and there is no sign of the girls slowing down.

Come out to see if our girls will continue their streak with 11 straight wins as they play the Douglas Byrd Eagles at home this Tuesday. You don’t want to miss this game!