On Tuesday, February 10th, the Lady Colts traveled to Grays Creek High School to take on the Bears in a fight for the Conference Championship. A win for the Colts meant it would be their first Conference Championship in history.

The Colts were quick to take the lead coming out of the gate hot with a score of 21-8 in the first quarter. This left the Colts with a decent lead heading into the second frame.

The Colts aimed to secure their lead in the second, where they rattled off another 21 points, making the score 42-11 at the half. The Lady Colts secured a hefty lead to making for a very comfortable second half.

Jayda Angel led all scorers with 24 points, but her defense was what made the contest so lopsided. The Colts seemed intent on stopping the Bears at every turn.

The Colts made the Bears anything but comfortable. They started the scoring in the second half quickly, posting another 16 points in the third. The name of the game that night was defense, and the Colts brought it. They held the Bears to only 3 points in the third, stifling any chance of a Bears comeback. With the suffocating defense, Grays Creek didn’t stand much of a chance of catching up at this point.

Cape Fear added another 8 points in the fourth to seal things. The final score was 66-22 and the Cape Fear Girls secured their first ever Conference Championship.

CFNN caught up with Head Coach Brian Graham after the game and what a conference title means for Cape Fear and the community. “It means a lot! It shows the program is moving in the right direction which is one of my main goals as the head coach,” said Graham. “It means the team accepted the challenge and worked to become conference champs.”

This has been a monumental season for the Lady Colts where they have overcame many obstacles but despite all, came out on top.

Jayda Angel led the Colts this season as well as being a top 10 scorer in the state, averaging 28.1 ppg. Angel also led the team in assists and steals. She has grown exponentially this season as a player and a leader and is a huge reason the Lady Colts have had such great success. She is expected to show even more growth before her senior season.

“Teamwork, hard work and dedication got us to win,” said Angel. “The feeling is amazing knowing it’s been 35 years since we won a conference championship.”

Senior Samara Britt has been another successful player this season. Britt led the team in blocks and rebound averaging 2.6 blocks and 12.4 rebounds. She has been a vital defensive player this season and has had a lot of growth since her Junior Season.

“I felt elated. i knew it would happen earlier in the season, but when it actually did the feeling was euphoric,” said Britt after the win.

The Lady Colts will compete in the first round of the Conference Tournament on Wednesday, February 15th. Stay tuned to see how the Colts compete and how far they go within the State Playoffs coming up.