CFNN Reporters Ainsley Spell and Mary Catherine Shook

Cape Fear would like to welcome some new staff members to the Colt family. Introducing our new Assistant Principals, Mr. Dent and Ms. Copeland, as well as our new Student Services Coordinator, Ms. Davis.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Dent started working here at Cape Fear as our newest Assistant Principal and Athletic Director. His role in academic leadership is to support the senior class with their needs and wants, as well as handle discipline. His responsibilities also include being in charge of activity buses and any issues with student services.

Mr. Dent has a strong history in the Cape Fear community. He formerly worked as a PE teacher at Mac Williams, where he also coached wrestling and soccer. He comes to us from Terry Sanford, where he worked as an Assistant Principal. We’re excited to have him back on the right side of the river! 

We had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Dent and when we asked how it felt to be back, he simply said,”I love it. Every school has wonderful things going on and I really appreciate the great things going on at Cape Fear,” said Mr. Dent.

Mr. Dent attended college at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and earned his administrative license and masters degree for School Administration at North Carolina State University. After being a teacher, he decided to further his education and become an Assistant Principal. He wanted to be able to help the school systems on a higher level; rather than simply being in the classroom. 

“The teachers are where the rubber meets the road, so they do the hard part. However, Assistant Principals and Administrative Staff put systems in place. They have a bit more of a pull on the school, and on a larger scale. I really like to help people out,” said Mr. Dent.

And now, introducing Ms. Copeland, our new ninth grade Assistant Principal!

Copeland first earned her undergraduate degree in English and Literature, along with her administrative certificate from University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Later, she earned her masters degree at Concordia University in Educational Leadership.

As an assistant principal, Ms. Copeland is in charge of the ninth grade. She deals with any ninth grade discipline, and all ninth grade general issues. Ms. Copeland is also responsible for observing a group of teachers in order to make sure that students are on track for success.

Along with being an assistant principal, Ms. Copeland is also the bus coordinator; she makes sure that all the buses are moving on time and that each one has a driver. She ensures that students are assigned to the right bus, and handles any further bus related issues.

We had the chance to ask Ms. Copeland about her time here at Cape Fear so far. “I love Cape Fear, everyone has been very welcoming. The kids are great, the staff is great, everything is great!” said Ms. Copeland.

Before coming to Cape Fear, Ms. Copeland worked at Pine Forest High School as an English teacher.

“My thing was that as a teacher, I always wanted to make sure that my students were good. My classroom was never just about English. I wanted to make sure that my students were good on the emotional side and everything else,” said Ms.Copeland.

In order to further her role in leadership, Ms. Copeland decided to become an Assistant Principal.

“I was only able to talk to thirty kids at a time in each class period. I felt like that as an administrator, I could help kids a lot more on this level. Especially once they’re in trouble, since a lot of kids don’t really want to listen, or care about what they’re being told at that point. I felt that as an administrator I would have the power to be much more helpful,” explained Ms. Copeland.

Lastly, we want to welcome Ms. Davis, our new Student Services Coordinator. 

Ms. Davis graduated from Cape Fear High School in 1992. The entire Davis family also graduated from Cape Fear; her husband graduated in 1990. She has four children who graduated from Cape Fear as well; all of them participated in sports and clubs. 

We had the chance to ask Ms. Davis how she liked it here at Cape Fear so far, and what her favorite part has been since she started working here.

“My favorite part about Cape Fear is the loyalty and the friendliness that everyone has here. Everyone has been so welcoming,” said Ms. Davis

Ms. Davis is super friendly and helpful. If you get the chance you should definitely introduce yourself! She’s a great person to talk to if you need anything, or just someone to talk to. Student Services is lucky to have you Ms. Davis!

We’re so lucky to have these new staff members become a part of our Colt family! We are excited for the new energy and positivity they will bring to our community!