This week our CFNN Teacher Of The Week is Mrs. Emily Freeman. Mrs. Freeman teaches both Entrepreneurship 1 and 2. In these classes, students come up with their own business and are carefully taught how to navigate the path of creating their dream businesses. 

Mrs. Freeman graduated from East Carolina University in 2011 with a bachelor of science  in Apparel Merchandising and Business. This was her chosen major and she fell in love with it almost immediately. 

She’s been teaching at Cape Fear for 9 years and has thoroughly enjoyed her time in Colt Country. She has made her teaching career at Cape Fear a very successful one. Her inspiration to start teaching came from one of Cape Fear’s old principals, Mr. Lee Spruill. 

“Mr. Spruill was a teacher at Terry Sanford when I went to high school there.  I always felt his passion for the education system as a whole was inspiring, and he is the one who gave me the opportunity to become a teacher by hiring me,” said Mrs. Freeman. 

Mrs. Freeman has a very bubbly personality, and because of this her students regard her class as very fun and memorable. Although the curriculum for this class is very serious Mrs. Freeman still likes to incorporate fun activities in which her students are drawing and coloring.

“Mrs. Freeman is a one of a kind teacher. She puts so much effort into her teaching, and cares deeply for her students success. Her classroom is filled with joy, positivity and support. Mrs. freeman is truly an outstanding teacher that goes above and beyond and she is a great role model!” Said student Kailee Meridth.

Before teaching entrepreneurship she also taught Career management and business law. Entrepreneurship courses are based around a design and thinking project where students create their own business project. 

Teaching a class like Entrepreneurship has its challenges. When creating a business, each day brings something new. And just like any other class, missing a day or not doing your work can really throw off the whole schedule. On the contrary, some of the best parts of teaching Entrepreneurship are that each student gets an opportunity to display their creativity through their business. Some of the Entrepreneurship students are extremely intelligent and come up with interesting business ideas that could intrigue anyone. 

“The day to day is easy when students are engaged and enjoying the lesson,” said Mrs. Freeman. 

Even though the Colt family knows her as a teacher, Mrs. Freeman is also a wife and a mom. She is married and has an amazing daughter, Ruby (4 years old) and son, Charlie (1 year old). She’s also a dog mom to a 12 year old yellow labrador named Fanny. Outside of school Mrs. Freeman spends all of her time with her family, making great memories and trying to be the best mom possible. Before becoming a mom, Mrs. Freeman also coached Cross Country and track and field. 

When asked what she loves about teaching at Cape Fear Mrs. Freeman said, “What I truly love about Cape Fear is the sense of “family.” I have made a lot of lifelong friendships with my colleagues.”

Mrs. Freeman wants to see her students be successful, whether that’s with their business they created in her class or with the skills she teaches them. She loves seeing her students succeed, treating each of them like her own. She’s an amazing teacher and is very loved here at Cape Fear!