This week’s Student of The Week is Raven Smith. Raven is a senior and has been a member of the Beta Club all 4 years she is also the president of HOSA. 

Raven has been a member of HOSA for two years. “Hosa is a volunteer organization and it’s an opportunity to learn more about jobs in health care through yearly competitions,” Smith stated. Being the president, Raven arranges every meeting, and she also helps the other members with studying for their tests/competitions. 

Raven lives with her parents, her dog Ozzy, and her twin sister Rachel. 

“Having a twin has made me who I am, and has given me someone to experience every milestone in my life with; a little like a built-in best friend,” said Smith.

As close as they are, Raven and Rachel plan to attend different colleges after High School. “I’ve only ever spent two days most away from her at a time, and I can’t imagine how going to different colleges will feel,” she said. 

After High School Raven plans to get her BSN. Raven has applied to App, and has gotten accepted to ECU, and UNCW which is her top choice. 

“UNCW is my top choice because it gives me the opportunity to attend a great nursing program and still be close to my family.”

“Being a senior, my advice would be to understand that things will change and you will change but to embrace who you become and accept yourself at every point over the next four years,” said Raven. 

As a senior who has her eyes on the future ahead, five years from now Raven sees herself becoming a nurse, being self-sufficient, living in the city, and having the same close friendships as she does now. 

Raven has strived to be a nurse due to not only her numerous nursing classes/programs but being surrounded by loved ones who have struggled with health in the past. 

“My whole life I’ve been surrounded by people who have struggled with health problems. I’ve had to see the people I’m closest to in pain and trying to cope with varying health issues. Because of this I’ve also seen the impact a good nurse can have. I strive to become the nurse that I have seen make the most miserable times of some of my family better,” said Smith.

Aside from being a nurse, Raven is most passionate about being a safe space for others. 

“I’ve seen discrimination and what it can do to others’ self esteem and self confidence. I can only hope that I am able to create an environment where the people in my life feel comfortable and loved,” said Raven.

Raven’s biggest inspiration is her mom. “My mom was a single mother for half of my life and even though she was struggling she protected my sister and I from knowing that,” said Raven. 

Raven values the things her mom has taught her such as the importance of working hard, being strong, and independent. 

As a fun question to end our interview, we asked Raven if she could have dinner with any three people (dead or alive) who would it be. Her response was perfect.  

“Jon Benet Ramsey to find out what happened, Stevie Nicks because she’s the coolest, and Dolly Parton because she is my icon,” said Raven. That’s so Raven!!! 

Thank you for being an involved and overall great student! Congratulations, Raven! You are the perfect choice for CFNN Student of the Week.