CFNN Reporter Garrett Hales

Despite tough course conditions and adverse weather, golfers from five local high schools competed in a fiercely contested match at Baywood Golf Course on Monday. Cape Fear emerged victorious in the end, posting a team score of 325 to secure the top spot. Gray’s Creek finished second with a score of 342; Purnell Swett came in third with a score of 388, followed by Lumberton with a score of 397, and Jack Britt finished fifth with a score of 409. South View did not finish the match.

The individual scores were equally impressive, with Gavin Drose of Cape Fear leading the way with a stellar score of 71. 

After the match I spoke with Gavin and he added this, “With conditions like that, I was very happy with my results and the outcome of the match.” 

Nick Perry finished second with a score of 76, tied with Chris Buchholtz of South View. Will Walters of Gray’s Creek finished in fourth place with a score of 80, while Daniel Zeng of Lumberton rounded out the top five with a score of 81.

The course conditions were a challenge for all the golfers. As the wind picked up throughout the match, it became more and more difficult to accurately judge shots. However, the players rose to the occasion, displaying excellent skill and technique while also creating a thrilling match for spectators. 

”The course conditions were pushing the real skill of the golfers today, even with lift clean and place in effect, ” said Nick Perry.

Despite the challenging conditions, the golfers remained focused and committed. They efficiently showcased their determination and love for the sport. The match was a testament to their hard work and dedication, and a reminder that golf is truly a game of resilience and perseverance.