CFNN Reporter Aiyanna Campbell

From starting here as a student and coming back to teach, Ms. Savannah Phipps has been nothing but an outstanding role model and example of not only a great teacher, but also an amazing human being. Ms. Phipps just started here at Cape Fear this year as a permanent substitute, but was quickly bumped up to become a full time math teacher.

Ms. Phipps graduated from Cape Fear in 2018 and then continued her education at Appalachian State University. As a student at Cape Fear, she was a member of the Color Guard; as a teacher, she is now one of the lead instructors for the activity.

Phipps graduated with a double major, with one concentration in psychology and the other in criminal justice. After Graduating, she spent a year working at the Appalachian State University Police Department. After her time there she realized that law enforcement was not the job for her.

“I really enjoyed being a part of that team, but I left because I couldn’t see myself waking up and going to that department everyday, ” said Ms. Phipps.

After leaving the App State Police Department, she participated in an internship at the District Attorney’s office. During her internship her eyes were opened to the juvenile crimes that were being committed. This is where she found her passion for “troubled” youth. She gained an interest in working as a school counselor. This led Phipps to go to school again to work on her Masters Degree for school counseling.

Phipps started officially teaching in September of 2022, where she teaches both Math 1 and Math 2. Even though teaching is only a small detour in her career, Ms. Phipps has wanted to pursue a degree in education for as long as she could remember. This passion for education is derived from her growing up around a family that works in education as well.

While teaching she has definitely faced some challenges. Teaching math isn’t always butterflies and rainbows, it can prove to be very difficult sometimes. Having to find new ways to explain concepts to her students so that they can retain information is a struggle that proves to be very troubling.

“I have been overwhelmed at times trying to cater to some students one way and then have to flip it around the other way for the rest of the class. It can get very exhausting but I’ve overcome that struggle by going back to the lessons I was taught in psychology”

Even though she has had to adjust to this new job, she still loves teaching because of the impact she can leave on students’ lives.

“If I can do anything to make them feel supported and important, I will,” said Ms. Phipps.

Ms. Phipps is the youngest of her siblings. She has two older brothers and one step-sister. She has wonderful parents and an amazing step-mother.

Ms. Phipps is engaged to her Fiancé, Kenny, with whom she frequently goes on wild adventures. Outside of school she likes to spend her time with her family and her dog Mahalo.

Ms. Phipps has enjoyed being able to come back and work for Cape Fear. She loves that she’s able to help give her students the same high school experience that she had while she was a Colt. She is an amazing teacher and instructor for Color Guard. And she is doing an amazing job at making her time here at Cape Fear Memorable!