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 Cape Fear’s Colts Dominate the College Lake Swim Lanes.

CFNN Reporter Gabby Autry and Ansley Wilkerson On Tuesday, January 11, 2022 The Cape Fear boys and girls swam in dominating fashion as they defeated Terry Sanford and Pine Forest in their fourth meet of the season.  With the clock ticking, the Cape Fear swim team managed to win 10 events. After the results of […]

The “Art” of Teaching With Mrs. Bullard

This week’s Teacher of The Week is Mrs. Morgan Bullard, our Cape Fear High School art  teacher. Mrs.Bullard has lived in the Cape Fear area her whole life. She grew up here and graduated from Cape Fear herself in 2007. Mrs. Bullard graduated from Peace College in 2011 with a degree in graphic design.  She […]

Spiderman: No Way Home

Alexis Fowler The newest spiderman movie No Way Home effortlessly combines 20 years worth of characters and storylines into one brilliant universe.  The movie opens with Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, exactly where Far From Home ended. After Mysterio reveals his identity Peter is left suffering the consequences. With everyone believing he is a […]

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